Reliable, skilled, hardworking people

Deadlines to meet? Projects to complete? You need support and service. At Custom Staffing Services, that’s what you get. We top most general labor staffing agencies, administrative staffing agencies, manufacturing staffing agencies and coal mining staffing agencies at finding people with the skills, experience and the determination you need to succeed.

Custom Staffing Services can help you:

  • Keep your site safe and productive
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Add flexibility to your workforce
  • Adapt to changing demands

Need general labor staffing, administrative staffing and manufacturing staffing throughout Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky? Get in touch.

Temporary Staffing. Never seem to have the right number of workers or people with specific skills when you need them? Not a problem with Custom Staffing Services.

Temp-To-Hire. Been burned a few too many times? Never again! Temp-to-hire staffing lets you check out a prospective employee on the job before deciding if you want to keep them.

Direct Hire. Wasting too much time trying to find the right people? Let us do it for you. You’ll meet with only the best candidates and choose from the cream of the crop.

Payrolling. Tired of keeping track of paperwork when you’ve got better things to do? Give us some of your employees, and we’ll put them on our payroll. As the employer of record, we’re responsible for benefits, taxes, paychecks and all those other details that bog you down.